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Strategy is identifying your company’s best position relative to all the forces in your environment.

My Role As Strategist

For more than 15 years I’ve developed marketing, branding, product, and business strategies for businesses, enterprises, brands, and entrepreneurs. The strategies I developed for each client is unique. However, my proven approach to developing strategies remains unchanged:

  1. Understand clients’ goal(s)
  2. Understand their target consumer(s) and current customers–and where to find/engage them
  3. Understand the accessible market(s)
  4. Identify clients’ sustainable, competitive differentiator
  5. Define a path to achieving goal(s)—can include products, marketing, branding, and/or business models
  6. Define KPIs
  7. Identify people who can execute the strategy

The Work

Over the past 15+ years, I have:

  • Founded the content strategy practice at a leading digital marketing consultancy
  • Founded a marketing strategy & services practice to support field sales and phone sales at a mid-sized facility management firm
  • Founded a cooperative advertising agency to provide small businesses with creative services, media planning and buying to help them compete with larger competitors
  • Developed a virtual health coach for a leading health media company
  • Developed change management strategies to support enterprise reorganizations for an international media and entertainment company
  • Developed communications strategies to support post-acquisition and merger integrations for a large, national retailer
  • Developed marketing strategies to support new market entries, new business openings, product launches, growth in adoption, and sales growth
  • Developed product and naming strategies to position products and provide greater clarity and differentiation between related and adjacent product and product lines
  • Developed impact analysis and change communications strategies and processes to support technology-driven change, including the rollout of enterprise social networks and HR Information Systems
  • Developed customer retention marketing (CRM) strategies to retain customers and grow customer adoption, usage, and investment for an international financial services corporation and a tech search giant