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A Portfolio Approach To Contented Customers With Kendall Jackson



Kendall Jackson, or Jackson Family Enterprises (JFE), owns and distributes award-winning wines from vineyards large and small. JFE takes a portfolio approach to managing their many wines, allowing each brand to stand alone and to establish its own customer base and reputation while leveraging their distribution network.

Operating as separate businesses and brands works well in terms of selling in the aisles of grocery stores, and at restaurants, bars, and wine stores. But, noting their success at leveraging shared customer relationships and distribution, JFE sought a similar solution for managing their owned and licensed content across all of the web properties for all of the wines in their portfolio.


JFE owned many valuable content assets and had invested in developing online properties, features, and functionality for some of the web properties they owned but had not leveraged those investments across all properties.

Our approach: Inventory and evaluate all content assets; assess their relevance/appropriateness for all wine brands, their audiences, and all JFE web properties; and identify and configure a CMS to make sharing assets across properties possible.

The content strategy was built upon two guiding principles:

  1. Each JFE brand must retain its own unique branding and continue to appeal to its core audience
  2. We can leverage owned and licensed assets, content, features, and functionality across all web properties

We ultimately created a map of all assets, content, features and functionality and used it to develop content strategies for each of JFE’s websites, starting with one of the company’s most accessible wines–millennial-targeted Murphy Goode.


My Role In The Solution:

I was part of a great team of talented designers, developers, program and project managers. To this team and project I contributed…

  • Developing the content strategy
  • Writing copy and managing copywriters, designers, and HTML developers who produced content for the sites
  • Developing a taxonomy and ontology for the content
  • Conducting audience and market research
  • Developing customer personae
  • Devising a tagging strategy for the Sitecore CMS


Improved efficiency and increased ROI on assets and systems.