People Management

The business of management is not as glamorous as the art of creating…oh but the rewards…

Creativity. Delivery. Accountability. Exceptional Service.

I have managed teams for more than 15 years and these four things are what matters to me when selecting, developing, and managing teams.

I track and measure my own and my teams’ ability to reliably deliver work that creatively and efficiently meets clients’ needs while treating them to customer service they’ll refer–and allowing my organization to earn a reasonable profit.

While that may sound intense, managing teams this way affords my teams and I clarity and accountability that enables better work-life integration and greater satisfaction and pride in our work.

I have managed diverse, multifunctional, multidisciplinary teams–both local and distributed. Those who reliably deliver can work from any space that serves the clients’ needs and inspires their creativity. Those whose work is exceptional are recognized specifically, genuinely, generously, and contemporaneously.

And now for the rewards…I get to work with hard-working, smart, funny, creative, adults whom I admire, who love their jobs, and respect me as their manager and leader.