Creative Direction

Creative Direction is a discipline and profession is a mosaic of four other critical disciplines visual and UX design, art direction, and strategy.

Creative Direction is a lot like being the conductor of an orchestra of eclectic artists and beautiful instruments. You select the music, craft the arrangement, and the artists bring their own talent and expression to what you all hope will be a transformative, inspirational experience.

Cre-a-tive Di-rec-tor

A creative director is a leader who guides and manages the design and development process to ensure the art direction, visual and UX design, and strategy leads to the creation of a product that supports the clients’ objectives.

Creative Director’s Role

  1. Facilitates idea generation and development into creative deliverables including visual designs, copy, images, and content strategy.
  2. Sets direction, style, and methodology–and the standard for quality and innovation.
  3. Integrates clients’ requirements into strategies and design solutions.
  4. Guides and mentors the creative team.

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