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Projects where my role was to develop a content strategy

Winning Big With Google’s Small Business Customers


Google, a leader in Internet and ad tech products and services, needed to grow engagement and online advertising spend among millions of small businesses–starting with the 2.8M small business owners who had created an AdWords account.

Given that small businesses spend less than 3% of their marketing budgets on online advertising, and AdWords is a complex product that businesses large and small struggle to master, increasing spend among  the nearly 3M small business AdWords account holders was be no small feat.


Make it simple and personal. We started with what we (actually Google) knew about their account holders and used that as the foundation of our strategy–basically their email addresses and the details of their accounts and campaigns. We used this information to create a hyper-targeted email campaign that used brief copy and a simple graphical format to provide personalized recommendations for their current or next campaign.

But the campaign wasn’t just a campaign–it was the start of an ongoing conversation and the beginning of a new relationship.

Account holders who acted upon our advice triggered subsequent emails and new recommendations based on their new account/campaign elections. And so began an increasingly lucrative relationship.

My Role In The Solution:

I was part of a great team of talented designers, developers, program and project managers. To this team and project I contributed…

  • Developed the creative strategy and provided creative direction for all of the content (video, web copy, visuals, UX)
  • Developing the content strategy for the emails
  • Writing all copy for the first campaigns
  • Managing copywriters, designers, and HTML developers who produced subsequent campaigns
  • Serving as creative director for the email and landing page design
  • Designing the A/B testing strategy to identify highest-converting


Double-digit increases in email click-through rates and AdWords spend, and quadrupled growth in our business with Google.